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Lactose Systems

Lactose Systems

Lactose Systems

Keller Technologies’ Lactose Systems are designed to operate safely, maximize lactose yields, reduce energy usage and lower overall operating costs. Keller Technologies understands the factors that affect the profitable production of lactose, including:

  • Raw material supply
  • Product quality
  • Yield
  • System capacity
  • Safety
  • Energy consumption
  • Labor costs
  • Building costs
  • Equipment costs
  • Etc.

With Keller Technologies’ unmatched experience in providing lactose systems around the world we are uniquely positioned to provide customers the most profitable lactose systems available today.

Unit Operations

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  • Pre-treatment technology to avoid excessive evaporator fouling
  • Finishers designed to give precise solids concentration
  • Consulting with evaporator manufacturer to assure:
    • Sufficient evaporative capacity
    • No pre-crystallization in evaporator or finisher
    • Overall evaporator design that allows precise control of product concentration



  • Consulting with crystallizer manufacturer to assure:
    • Proper agitator design for suspending lactose crystals
    • Sufficient heat transfer area to minimize differential temperature between product and coolant
  • Precise control of crystallizer cooling to maximize crystal size and minimize fines production

Lactose Refining:

  • Higher quality lactose and/or reduced water usage
  • Robust operation with different feedstocks and operating techniques
  • Reduced retention time to minimize coliform growth
  • Reduced capital cost


Lactose Drying:

  • Consistent product moisture leading to free-flowing product
  • Compact system
  • Smaller baghouse
  • Higher energy efficiency through reduced air usage and less equipment surface area
  • Reduced capital cost

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Technology and Practices that lead to:

  • Lactose yields up to 90% of available lactose
  • Production of high-solids delactosed permeate (mother liquor)
  • Intuitive control systems which facilitate operator understanding and plant-wide communication
  • A competitive bidding process to reduce fabrication and installation costs




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