Lactose Systems

Around the world, there are more Keller designed lactose systems than all the other lactose systems combined.  With this unmatched experience, Keller Technologies is uniquely positioned to provide the most profitable lactose systems available.

Each customer’s requirements are unique; therefore, some of the factors Keller Technologies takes into account are:

  • Raw material source, volume, and quality
  • Final product quality requirements
  • Yield vs Cost of Production
  • System capacity
  • Safety
  • Energy costs
  • Labor costs
  • Construction costs
  • Degree of automation
  • Level of hygiene

Products Made with Lactose Produced with Keller Lactose Systems

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Chocolate Candy Bars
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Drugs - Pill Compaction
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Baby Formula
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Soups and Sauces
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Cookies and Cakes
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