Keller Technologies, Inc. (KTI) was founded by A. Kent Keller in 1980 as Whey Systems, Inc. Mr. Keller’s experience with whey processing began with his university research on the fermentation of cheese whey to a “High Protein Cattle Feed Supplement”. This research continued while he was employed by Cargill in Minneapolis, MN.

In 1976, Mr. Keller had an opportunity to serve as Production Manager for one of the first whey fractionation plants in the United States. The plant produced whey protein concentrates and lactose. In 1980, the owner of the plant decided to exit the food ingredient business and focus on its core chemical business. Rather than taking a transfer with the chemical company, Mr. Keller started Whey Systems, Inc. to provide consulting for the production of whey protein concentrates.

Mr. Keller quickly realized that the success of whey protein concentrates was going to require an economically viable use for the by-product, permeate. At the time, the best use of permeate was the production of lactose. During the 20 years Mr. Keller owned Whey Systems, Inc., he had the privilege of designing and upgrading most of the lactose systems around the world. Mr. Keller’s systems are installed in countries such as the United States, Finland, New Zealand, Australia, India and Canada. In subsequent years the list grew to include Chile, the United Kingdom, Brazil and Germany and currently totals over 70 lactose and permeate drying systems.