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Keller Technologies, Inc. (KTI) provides technology, equipment and consulting services for lactose manufacturing. Based on Kent Keller’s 40+ years of operating, designing and upgrading 60+ lactose factories around the world, the KTI team is uniquely qualified to serve its customers. KTI is currently offering “Next Generation” lactose systems based on this extensive experience. Click here for more details.


Permeate produced from the ultrafiltration of cheese whey and milk contains solids that are primarily lactose. Mr. Keller used his experience with lactose to design and patent a dryer specifically for permeate (Keller, 2002, US7241465B2, US7765920B2, US7651713B2, US7651711B2, CA2481023C, EP1488180B1, etc.). The patents were assigned to Relco LLC, and the process has been widely accepted for permeate drying. KTI is now offering a new, improved concept for drying permeate. Click here for more details.


KTI started out in 1980 as a consulting company, Whey Systems, Inc., with the philosophy that whey is an asset of a cheese company. At that time the prevailing attitude was that whey was a liability for a cheese company. Today KTI continues to approach all projects as if they were assisting their clients and customers to maximize their profits from their whey asset. KTI is often called upon to assist clients in optimizing their existing lactose systems and permeate dryers, whether those systems were supplied by KTI or by another company.
Consulting services include:

  • Identification of various options for whey processing
  • Generation of mass balances to quantify products to be produced
  • Estimation of operating costs, including utilities, labor, packaging, etc.
  • Creation of process and instrumentation drawings (P&ID’s)
  • Creation of general arrangement drawings
  • Evaluation of existing systems for:
  • Yield
  • Quality
  • Capacity
  • Caking
  • Molding
  • Etc.

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